2 Shore is a race i vowed to never do again, its is “long” and boring! I love to shred trail when I race not draft and shit. My friends from the Soo Canada said it was a guys weekend to drink beer and have good time, so I thought “why not should be fun right?” Well after closing down every bar in Marquette and eating everything in site before i passed out in the bed of my truck behind Blackrocks Brewery canning facility Friday night I wasn’t feeling the best Saturday morning.

Thank God for “Late” race starts. After being up half the night listening to friends stumble in and vomiting I felt rather refreshed. I started the morning off with hash browns and eggs from local breakfast joint then we headed to the start in Harvey the RV. We arrived at the start with tons of time to spare (like 20 min) after getting rid of the beer, pizza, and tacos from the previous night in the posh ports johns I wedged myself into the back of the sub 2:50 group a solid 3 minutes before the the gun.

Feeling not awesome I just comfortably rolled the start, if you don’t know, the start of this race at the front is high 20 mph nearing 30 i am sure. Oddly enough after things settled down I didn’t feel half bad, so I started racing after 10 miles or so. I was making my way from group to group following the only other single speed I saw. I chased him for a quite a while just hanging on because it was fast and sketchy. At mile 27 or so we hit a road and a “climb” I just went, no fucking around i just put my head down and went. It ended up working by putting a good gap in the other fellas and the other guy on a one gear bike. I made the right turn back on to fast dirt smashed a gel and hammered!! I felt great, going around groups of geared riders. Then I hit a sharp rock, HARD!! The guy behind me said i was spraying sealant, so after a bit I stopped and let it seal…………

I stopped, hoping it would seal, watched the other single speeder go by, then I put some co2 in it and rode hoping it was good. I smashed another caffeinated Honey Stinger Gel and put the hammer down!! I chased from mile 14 or so to mile 8 to go. By the time I caught him I was burnt and it took everything I had just to hang on his wheel . Honestly the last 7 miles or so were a blur to me, all i remember is staring at his back wheel and staying as close as possible to it. We hit pavement with a mile or so to go and i could tell my rear tire didn’t totally seal because my ass was squriming all over the place meaning sprinting or cornering at speed was out of the question! So i just rode it out hanging in there to the finish. I ended up 3rd in the single speed category, ¬†which is solid considering the lack of preparation and the the night i had before. Wish I had some pictures or some thing but nope, none exists.