I rode this event last year and I recall it being tough. It was the first ride in the Mudslinger Gravel Series taking place in Western New York.

This year, I landed back in Rochester at 1am, now day of gravel challenge, after a work trip to California. Needless to say, not a lot of expectations. Perfect.

Don’t ever let anyone convince you New York is flat. 4200′ of climbing in 32 miles is nothing to shake a stick at if you ask me. I did my best to eat and drink during the ride but that wasn’t enough for my quads. While I was  hanging out in the 36×28, I thought,” Why does this hill feel so hard?” 12% grade seems to make me feel that way I guess.

New this year, a double track section was added right at the finish. Muddy, rocky, downhill double track? Woohoo!

When I wrapped up the ride, I got some dry clothes on.  That was the biggest victory of the day for me. All I wanted when I got home was to get some good rest. My body had other plans. Always great when even water won’t stay down.

More gravel to be  traveled…