The Ossian Giant Gravel Grinder, the second event in the Mudslinger Gravel Series, starts and ends at Swain Ski Area. The weather seemed so iffy; will it rain, will the sun come out, how warm does it really feel? Knee warmers…that’s what temperature it felt like to me.

I saw a T6 METAL team mate at the start. AWESOME! Ryan made the trip from Pittsburgh to come ride some NY gravel.

The race started different than last year. To cut out a wonky  RR crossing, the course went out and up a paved road for a few  miles. Soon enough, “OK, I’m warm!” The turn on to gravel was great. I was feeling good.  I was riding with people and looking two wheels ahead.

Things were going good, then my rear wheel started making this (not) sweet noise. Always a good feeling to see slack chain hanging around when descending at 35+ on gravel. Also, I was feeling good so I didn’t do so well eating…I then lost some energy.

I got caught out in no man’s land towards the end. Could’ve used a wheel a few hundred yards up to get me on the rivet, but it’s my own fault for letting a wheel or two slip away earlier.

The Prattsburgh Gravel Classic is coming up in two weeks. Hopefully things will come together for that one.