The first race of the season started off on shaky ground. The Bantam Classic is a local underground race here in NorCal put on by local cycling and GU ambassador Yuri Hauswald. In its 5th iteration the race gathered 130 local, fast, eager, and flamboyant individuals to carve the Sonoma/Marin County lines. The race started off with a neutral start thru the outskirts of Petaluma, a sharp right and a wave from a friendly chicken signaled the start. At once all riders wanted the best position and invariably a group of riders went down causing me to lose the wheels of my teammates. I watched them climb away from me as I avoided the mangled pile of bikes. The climb up D street was lonely if not for the wizz of traffic flying by. The road pitch downward and I jumped into a group of 5 guys as we began working to bring back the lead group. After a short descent into the valley we were welcomed by a nice headwind coming from the coast, we took short pulls at the front trying to gain ground but at that time we had lost too much time and there were too many riders in the main group. We continued to put our work in and I was really surprised at the group of guys I was able to hang with. I have been putting a lot of time into solo work with more intervals and less time doing group rides and it seems to have added some different aspects to my riding, so that was a positive I took away from this race. Having said that our group ended up exploding close the finish, I took a wrong turn and added 2 miles to the course but came in among some of the riders that were in my group. Beer and BBQ quickly ensued after that!

It was an awesome race with killer weather and sore legs; met new people, and spread the Metal vibe!