First off, I apologize for the delay on this race report. My fingers are just now warming up. I’m kidding, but man was that a cold and wet race.

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This being my first gravel race ever, I will say it was quite an experience.  The conditions were awful!  33 degrees and tons of heavy rain, but that didn’t stop people from participating.  I lined up with the 1st group at 10:00 AM for the 62 mile race and before I knew it, we were off!  I would say the first 5 miles were dry, but after that, it was all rain. Heavy rain, and the course turned to peanut butter.  The gravel had become so slow and sticky. Despite the conditions, I was having fun!  Or at least until around mile 42.  I think when I saw a sign that said “20 miles to go” I realized I was soaking wet and freezing cold. At this point I knew I had to suck it up and keep pushing.

The last 10 miles were brutal… My legs were cramping and it took everything I had to cross the finish line. I would say I spent some serious time in the pain cave for the first time in my life.  It is truly amazing how hard you can push the human body.

I am very proud of my 234th place finish! It sounds crazy, but I know I went out and gave it my all!  I gave the Barry Roubaix everything I had.  And props to anyone that went out there and lined up knowing they were in for some serious suffering.

Couple flicks from our trip to the Barry Roubaix.

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All in all, the 5 hour drive to Hastings, MI from Akron, OH was totally worth it.  After the race, we stopped at a local brewery.  We crushed some great beers and good conversation on what we just went through.