The Hugh Jass races;

The Hugh Jass races were a series of 10 different races combined. Some of the most memorable ones were the ones in, waterloo Wisconsin in the trek headquarters, Fond Du Lac Wisconsin, the spear the fatty event, and the lake geneva canopy tour trails.


The trek headquarters;

This one was, in my opinion, the most fun. Almost all of the race was in snow. It was a very fast track where most of it was downhill. One section was completely iced over but it was very fun. They also had set up obstacles throughout the easier flat stuff. This race was the most suitable for my “Physique” in a way. It was a very flat and a little downhill of a race. Even though this was my favorite race, I hated the way it worked, and counted the laps. I finished my 3 laps, but they failed to count one, and had to do another after stopping for 10 minutes at the finish. I still ended in 4th though.

Spear the fatty;

The spear the Fatty race was part of the sturgeon festival in Fond Du Lac. there was this giant festival going on. But that’s not the point, most of the race was on a frozen lake, which was very cool. And needless to say, I was very, very glad to have studded tires for this race.


The Lake Geneva Canopy tours;

This one was not so enjoyable. But It sure was memorable. “It drains well” they said, “It will be fun” they said. This race was throughout about 2 inches of thick, sloppy, slick mud. It was so horrible. It took me and my dad about 2 and a half hours to get through about 5 miles of single track. Our tires got so caked in mud that they would no longer roll.