Bonnie Gagnon-Larvick
Location: On my bike, hopefully in the forest, with my husband.
My First Bike Was: Schwinn. Long live the banana seat!
Best Race Result: Tour Divide 2016 - Finisher
Current Sponsors: Twin Six, Tonka Cycle & Ski, Arc'terxy, ColdAvenger
My Current Bike(s): Twin Six Standard Fat, Trek Superfly 100, Salsa Woodsmoke
When I'm Not Riding I'm: Thinking about bikes, looking at bikes and eating chocolate.
This Year, I Want To: Finish the Tour Divide mountain bike race for the second time. And not crashing. Not crashing would be good....
If You're Ever In My Area, Check Out: Cuyuna Mountain Biking Trail System and Fat Lorenzo's Pizza
Preferred Type of Racing: I prefer ultra endurance races so that I can die a slower death.
If I Could Ride Anywhere: New Zealand, Switzerland and the Netherlands are calling my name.
You Should Do This Everyday: Live with integrity. Tell your family you love them, drink coffee and eat chocolate.
Did You Know: It's no fun to close your head in a car door.

Written by Bonnie Gagnon-Larvick