Location: Eastern Iowa Blog: Blog Link
My First Bike Was: A hand-me-down from my sister, with bolt-on top tube. It took me around the block and beyond.
Best Race Result: The best race result is the next race result.
Current Sponsors: TwinSix, AleX Microbrew, Team F*U*N
My Current Bike(s): Cervelo P3, Cervelo One, Redline MonoCog, State Bicycle Black Label, Sun Unicycle, Kawasaki Ninja
When I'm Not Riding I'm: Reading, running, walking the dog, swimming, playing the uke, planning the next adventure.
This Year, I Want To: Podium at The Painful Elimination.
If You're Ever In My Area, Check Out: The gravel byways beyond Lafayette past the iron Moai.
Preferred Type of Racing: Racing is a car, on a bike, with your feet or through the water.
If I Could Ride Anywhere: I'd be solo, far above the Colorado treeline.
You Should Do This Everyday: Get the rain, in the snow, in -20 or +102...get.out.side.
Did You Know: 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezers right now. My heart breaks for the remaining 13%.

Written by Pete